Written by: Sue BrageDecember 20, 2011 


It’s actually been a few years since I’ve hung mistletoe in my home. I mean after you’ve been married 27 years, what’s the point, huh? (I’m kidding, of course!)


I’m not sure what happened to my old mistletoe (or kissing ball as my kids use to call it). But this year, as I was reading about mistletoe I discovered there was more to this tradition than just puckering up.


In fact, as I read about the history, origins, and spiritual symbolism that stems from this simple plant, I uncovered three promises that can encourage us today…


The first promise of the mistletoe is God can (and does) create life out of nothingness.


This promise comes from its humble (and somewhat gross) origins. Mistletoe actually grows from bird droppings on the branches of trees. Its name literally means “dung twig.” From the waste, the plant grows. Wow. What a promise of God’s grace in our lives. When he touches the dead, discarded parts of our lives, life can spring forth.


There may be places in our lives that feel dead; dreams we have discarded. This promise reminds us that it’s never too late with God. If he can make mistletoe grow out of bird poop, imagine what he can do with what we consider “wasted things” in our lives.


Are there areas of your life that feel dead, as if no good could come out of them? Perhaps it’s a relationship, a career goal, or ministry dream. Whenever you see mistletoe this week, pray about those things and ask God to bring them back to life.


Sue Brage serves as Editor for Church Volunteer Daily and inspired. She’s obsessed with helping church leaders deal with difficult people, find fresh inspiration, consider new ideas to motivate and appreciate volunteers, or make their churches safer. She has served the local church for more than 30 years and has recently moved to Loveland, CO. Permalink:



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  1. Badmus says:

    Yes, God can make alot out of nothing, after all He made the whole world by the words of His mouth ‘Let there be’. I pray God will command every emptiness in your life, begining with the prefix ‘let there be’……. Amen.

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