Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea claims the criticism he endured in his early days at Old Trafford only served to inspire him. He was dropped in favour of Anders Lindegaard for four games on the trot in January.

Speaking ahead of tonight’s Europa League clash with Bilbao, De Gea said: ‘I did recieve one or two criticisms at the start of t…he season. But it only served to make me a stronger person. It encouraged me to keep fighting and keep working hard. The important thing is not to let yourself down because you can turn it around. I have waited for my chance and grabbed it. Fortunately now I’m showing some good form. I hope this can continue right the way through until the end of the campaign.’

De Gea added: ‘The time I spent on the bench helped me to reflect and think hard. It allowed me to regroup and made me more determined to succeed.’

We can all learn from David de Gea.

When life sits you out on the bench and grills you to face painful humiliation, develop a positive perspective and see it as a refining process. You’ll come out bigger, better, bolder and wiser.

Or when people delegate you to the treadmill of the trivial, take it as a challenge and determine to prove them wrong – to succeed against their fallacious postulations. You’ll come out bigger, better, bolder and wiser.

Lessons from sitting on the bench. David de Gea – you rock!

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  1. charles ozuligbo says:

    It has been generally said and accepted,that success and promotion are attanined in life, when preparation,and opportunity meets as occasioned by God. Goalkeeper David Gea,while sitted on bench,he was busy preparing(studying) to show himself to be approved by all and his sundry well-wishers.His devotional patience and preparation as a worthy workman that understands his acts paid of at last. Hence,he is not ashame to declear that those trying periods on the bench,actually challenged him to his current and better form in the field of play today. On a parting note,this proof is the display and divident of sitting on the bench,whilest your mind is very busy working smart in and on the field.

  2. Nice one, Barr Charles. Thought provoking!

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