”Celebrity is an irksome word at the best of times. It’s often associated these days with those who have made a name with indecent speed, simply by appearing on reality TV or by selling their tale of heartbreak to trashy magazines.

But celebrities still play a vital part in our societies…

The Olympics showed us celebrities with real talent…They proved the hard way why they are worthy of our affections and many of us became hooked watching their heroic efforts during the games.

Behind the scenes, before they became household names, those athletes struggled with lean bank balances, years of 6am starts, endless repetitive training and grueling workouts. No one was around to applaud them during those dark hours but they stuck to their guns in the belief that one day they could thrill the world on the biggest stage…

They are stars…who have shown…people that no matter what walk of life you are in, the only way to win the prize is if you enter the game and never give up…”

– By Andrei Harmsworth, METRO,Thursday August 30, 2012, p30

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