His eyes see you.

His ears hear you.

His voice calls you.

He sees your past, yet speaks about your future. 

The dark past. The colourful future.

Because your future is far better than your past.

Because your future holds much more that your past.

Because what is at stake is heavier than your mistake.

Because your destiny ahead is weightier than your sins’ alerts.

He knows your ancestry: You are Hagar, Sarai’s Egyptian maid.

He calls your name from out of 7.1 billion people who live on earth.

He knows your history: What you did has landed you in this wilderness.

Still He comes – not to condemn you, but to amend you.

To turn your history three-sixty.

To delete your squalor so you’d enter His splendor. 

No more fears.

No more tears.


I’ve found a God. 

El-roi: The God who sees you.

El-roi: The God who knows you by name.

El-roi: The God who forgives your past.

El-roi: The God who gives you a fresh start.



I’ve found a God in Genesis 16!


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