EXECUTE: ‘Go Over The Red Line’

Pete Reed was an active schoolboy. Yet he never excelled at any sport. Then he went to his University’s Freshers’ fair and ‘a group of tall guys’ suggested he try rowing. He took up the challenge.

And just over a decade later, he has won two World Championships and two Olympic gold medals. He’ll go for his third Olympic gold in Rio 2016. He shares some deep thoughts:

”Even the greatest champions lose as much as they win. What makes them incredible is the fact that they can successfully overcome pain and disappointment. After every setback, they get right back to training and pushing themselves harder. No one gets a high-performing body for free. It comes through stubbornness, determination and never settling. You have to want to get better all the time and, because of this, sometimes you have to take your body to places it doesn’t want to go…”

“We call it ‘going over the red line’. It’s extraordinarily painful, but if you want to win an Olympic gold, that is what you need to do to yourself. Olympic champions aren’t supermen or superwomen. I’m just a guy who found something that I really enjoyed doing and tried hard at it. Remember why you are pushing yourself. Whatever your reason, use it as motivation every single day. If you don’t, then sooner or later you will forget why you are pushing yourself and miss a session. And as soon as you do that, you have failed and are on the slippery slope to giving up completely…”

– METRO, Thursday, December 20, 2012.

In Twenty13: Stretch.

Every day you’re alive: Stretch.

Brave the pain. Stretch.

Gasping for breath? Stretch.


‘Go over the red line.’


Be. Do. Have. Much More.


You are more than this!



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