The Number of Love

I love you’ is an affirmation of tender feelings we often receive. Parents assert to their children that they would always be there, enfolding them with their caring hands. Friends promise to stand by us no matter what it would take, holding us in their warm embrace. Colleagues assure us of their shoulders to lean on, beaming wide smiles that calm our nerves. Spouses vow, ‘Yes, I do’ with tender voices that strike the chords of our hearts. In different ways and at different times, we’ve received heart-felt expressions of sublime affection. Sadly, these promises sometimes fail. And consequently, we feel absolutely disappointed.

It is widely believed in our world today that 316 is the number of true love.  That love which does not fail. As a matter of fact, very many people have borne witness to the efficacy of this love-number. They have seen it span gulfs, cross rivers, and traverse deserts to embrace those who open their arms to it notwithstanding their age, race, gender or status. They have experienced how this love has endured deep pain, braved countless attacks, accepted extreme humiliation, and traveled long distances to live with those who let it in.

Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry?

Have you ever loved somebody so deep it leaves you dry?

Have you ever loved somebody so madly you’d pay any price?  

Secret Lover?

Well, you might not be aware of this: There’s someone who loves you so much that he would do anything for you. Anything. There’s someone who loves you so intense that he would give anything to make you feel it. He expresses this love to you in a different way. He uses a love-number – 316. And he buries his love number in his book titled, ‘The Gospel of John.’ 

Now, this is the point.

John 3:16 is a forty-word parade of profound affection:

‘This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in Him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life’

 I Testify…

Below is a witness from a John 3:16 recipient:

You gave me love that caused my heart to overflow;

You gave me love much deeper than I’ve ever known;

You have set my feet where I belong;

Put within my heart a brand new song.

You gave me love that offered my life a brand new start;

You gave me love sent straight from heaven to my soul;

Further than the east is from the west;

You’ve taken all my sins and brokenness.

You gave me love;

I can see better days ahead…

(Hillsong Australia)

I’ve witnessed this unconditional, sacrificial, and affectionate love. I don’t deserve it. Justice demanded my life. Justice screamed with its indignant voice, ‘Kill him.’ But mercy pleaded with its tender voice, ‘Spare him.’ The passionate and imploring voice of mercy defeated the roaring and objectionable voice of justice. Looking for someone ravished by love? Look no further. Yes, God’s love – expressed through his Son Jesus Christ – is the greatest love that any person could receive.

I see God’s love in the beauty of the moon as it beams its brightness from the dark sky. I see God’s love in the smile of a suckling as he blinks his sparkling eyes. I hear God’s love in the sweetness of a mother’s lullaby. I smell God’s love in the fragrance from rose flower. That love rushes towards us – daily – like a newlywed bride rushes to her beau for warm embrace.

 Is anybody Home?

Wait. Quiet. I hear a knock. Oh, it’s not a knock! I actually hear knocks. Oh, what soft, tender knocks they are! There’s a guy at the door. He’s not harsh, brash or rash. He’s gentle, meek and mild. No lie, no bile, no guile. He whispers softly, words so lovely. Time flies away, still he waits at the door. Knocking. His touch is deeper than I ever could imagine. His kiss is the tenderest of affections. My past was erased immediately with just one touch from Him. I – the vilest offender – was discharged and acquitted when my accuser brought me before the Judge. His blood wiped away my sins and made me a brand new man. I’m a recipient of Presidential pardon.

God’s invitation is to ‘whosoever will.’ His touch is deeper than you ever could imagine. His kiss is the tenderest of affections. Your past will be erased immediately with just one touch from Him. You will be discharged and acquitted when your accuser brings you before the Judge. His blood will wipe away your sins and made you a brand new person. You, too, will be a recipient of Presidential pardon.

There are 7.102 billion people on earth today. Yet God knows you by name. You are not a number. You are a person. He sees your tears when no one does. He hears your faintest cry when emotions silence your voice. He understands your struggles. He knows your burdens and loads of care. And he wants to take them away. There’s no friend anywhere who knows your trepidation and painful frustrations like God does.

The friend at the door is still knocking.

 John 3:16 is dialing your heart. Pick that call now.It’s God’s number of love!



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