DEPLOY: 5 Reasons You Should Use Your Talent.

Recently, I had noticed the video of Lillie McCloud, an incredibly ageless 54-year old grandmother from Florida with an implausible voice, go viral on facebook.

THE X FACTOR: Contestant Lillie McCloud.

THE X FACTOR: Contestant Lillie McCloud.

In that video she sang CeCe Winans’ “Alabaster Box” at The X Factor USA 2013 and blew the judges away.  I had read some online comments about the video by people who watched it, but I thought it wasn’t worth my time and attention. So I ignored it.

 Until last week.

The comment of a trusted friend about Lillie made me reconsider my decision. I went back to watch the video. Katy (not her real name) rarely comments on her or her friends’ posts on Facebook. But her thoughts about this video caught my attention.

Katy spoke about the Lillie in glowing terms:

“Diction was nearly faultless. She made the lyrics come to life. To keep an audience electrified with a popular song is no mean feat, how much more with a relatively unknown song. That’s how to sing.”

Lillie McCloud’s talent had blown Kate away.

Talk about talent?

She had it. And everyone who’s watched that video will say so.

Talk about talent?

Come walk with me for a moment. We rewind to February 15, 2011. You’re sitting up late with me in my apartment in Leeds, UK, watching British Musical Awards. Enter Adele.

I get charmed by this British artiste as she sings her popular soulful solo, Someone Like You. Britain’s Got Talent. America’s Got Talent. Nigeria’s Got Talent. And…

…You’ve Got Talent.      

Everyone’s got talent.

Each of us has been hard-wired with special abilities that make us do things effortlessly and easily. We have been configured and coded in ways that are peculiar to our personae. These abilities point to our purpose and assignment here. They also are signatures of ownership of us – the seal and stamp of the authority over us. We belong to someone. Sadly though, many people have not discovered theirs. Some who have discovered theirs have not developed them. And some who have developed theirs have not deployed them.

Here are 5 reasons you should deploy your talent:

(1)  Your Talent Is A Gift.

It’s not just a gift; it’s the best gift you could ever receive. Its worth is priceless. No gift originates from the given. It comes from the Giver. That’s why it’s a gift. None of us has anything that we didn’t receive. This truth should do two things to us:

First, it should make us grateful. To the Giver from whom all gifts come. We are tributaries. He’s the Source. The “Omni-Talent.”

Second, it should make us humble. No entrepreneur would puff-up against a financial institution or an investor which lend it money to do business. That would be gross foolishness.

None of us has anything that we didn’t receive. And the Giver took pains to package it to your particular specifications. So it’s not about you; it’s about the Giver. Deploying your talent brings great joy to the Giver.

(2)  Your Talent Is A Trust.

Trust involves accountability. This presupposes that there would be ‘talent audit.’ Each of us will give account to the Giver who entrusted His gifts to us. Scary? That’s the truth. We will give report on how we administered the gift.

If we use it well and for its intended purpose, we would be commended and rewarded. But if we abandon it, abuse it, or misuse it, we would be condemned. The owner has confidence in your ability to deliver. Don’t betray the trust of the Giver. Deploy your gift.

(3)  Your Talent Is Your DNA.

It defines you. It’s your characteristic uniqueness. It’s what stands you out of the madding crowd so you don’t blend in. If the Giver wanted everyone to be alike, then He would not diversify His portfolio of talents.

Your Talent Is Your DNA.

Your Talent Is Your DNA.

If all of us were footballers, then who would handle the entertainment industry? If all of us were inventors, then who would be literary artists? There is beauty in diversity. When you don’t deploy your talent, you rob yourself of that characteristic flavor. Big time. And you don’t only rob yourself; you rob the world from benefiting from your uniqueness.

(4)  Your Talent Is For Service.

You are not given talent for yourself alone. Though this is part of it, but primarily your talent is for the service of humanity. You are a gift to the world. You must not rob your generation and the unborn generation of what only you can do. You were given that talent to meet a need; to solve a problem; to inspire performance.

Let deploying your talent make others deploy theirs. Let the use of your talent be the reason others find meaning in life. Personal profit should not be the primary reason for deploying your talent.  Personal profit is a natural by-product of deploying your talent.

In whatever area your talent is, put service first. Make it your priority. If you serve well, people will pay handsomely for whatever you bring to the table.

(5)  Your Talent Is For Profit.

Notice this is my last reason. Doubtless, your talent will bring you economic gain. You must not blush. You must not put up false humility. You know that I’m-not-worthy-of-this attitude. No, you don’t need to do that. Go ahead and enjoy the fruit of your labours.

Hours and days and months and years of polishing and publishing your talent will surely yield dividends. In every labour, there is profit. On this side of eternity, there is a law of sowing and reaping. Particularly when you sow in tears.

Footballers. Musicians. Authors. Speakers. Preachers. Actors. Engineers. Lawyers. Programmers. Software developers. Listen. There’s a time to plant, and there’s a time to harvest. I verily assure you: You won’t labour in vain.  For all the pain you’ve borne over the years in skilling and re-skilling your talent, you’ll get a big ROI.  When it comes, don’t blush. Rather, enjoy.

In the light of all these rewards, wouldn’t you start deploying your talents today? Right away?

What's Your Talent?

What’s Your Talent?

Take Action Now!

(1) Make a list of the talents you’ve got. NOW.

(2) Ask people who are close to you what they honestly think you’re good at.

(3) Write down how you can develop these talents.

(4) Write down the different platforms you would need to deploy these talents.


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7 Responses to DEPLOY: 5 Reasons You Should Use Your Talent.

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  2. Victor Uzoma says:

    Inspiring, educating, and revealing. Nice one!

    • bryceedem says:

      Hi Victor,
      Thank you for your inspiring, educating, and revealing comment.Nice one. Too.
      So glad you stopped by to read this. And thank you for following me.Trust you’ll receive value for the time you’ll spend on the blog.
      Again, thank you for your comment. Thank you for signing-in.

    • bryceedem says:

      Hi Victor,
      Thank you so much.
      So glad you stopped by.
      Let’s keep the conversation going.
      Again, thank you.

  3. afameze says:

    Everyone has talent ?

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