These are NOT the words of a frontier lad who lost his love when he turned ba-ad…

These are words to a young lad who may lose his spark because his brothers have turned ba-ad…

This is to ‘Joseph,’ the son of Jacob…

Your brothers can take your beautiful, attractive coat of many colours from you, but they cannot take your inspired, inventive mind of many colours from you.

What’s inside is far superior to what’s outside. They can destroy the coat ON YOU, but they cannot destroy the coat IN YOU.

The ‘coat’ IN YOU can, and doubtless will, produce a million, incomparably beautiful coats ON YOU.

And on countless others. Anywhere.

Joseph, don’t cling to stuff.

Prove nothing to no one.

Learn to sometimes walk away.

From ‘legitimate’ stuff.

You must know that even permanent secretaries don’t always remain permanent.

Time is a game-changer, the processor of all things.

Choose your fight. If you must fight at all, that is.

Don’t wait for folks to tell you on that day, ‘Rest in Peace.’ You won’t hear.

Live in peace. Now. Daily. Some things are not worth your muscle.

You must learn to forget Eseks and Sitnahs, Joseph.

Rehoboths beckon.

And always will.

Don’t take this message to Mary.

This message is for JOSEPH.

For all the JOSEPHS.

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