About Me.

I use written and spoken words creatively to motivate, transform, inspire defiant optimism, create indelible positive effect, help people think deeper, reach further, grow stronger, spread wider, go higher, and live better; to be, do, and have much more than they’ve been, done, and had.

I help people to write and speak better so it could produce that effect they desire.  Some people say I’m a wordsmith, a literary craftsman. They could be right.

I’m CEO of WizardsWithWords – a leading, one-stop, communications company which creatively crafts, skillfully knits, and consistently weaves words – in written and oral formats – into tapestries of art to achieve the set goals of businesses, organizations, governments and individuals and increase their visibility and profitability.  Our mission is to provide exquisite, effective, exceptional and ethical communications solutions to individuals, businesses and organizations that will make them achieve their goals and exceed their expectations through world-class service delivery in a congenial work environment that maximizes creativity and human capital, while adhering to business practices that respect our clients, our workforce and the society.

I’m not a polymath. I’ve only discovered a plethora of passions – ‘unappeasable passions’ – and untapped resources that I’ve vowed to develop and to deploy. That doesn’t make me Jack of all trade. Or does it? Recently, I’ve taken a walk (it will be a long one) on the rugged, bumpy road of entrepreneurship. I’m learning how to turn ideas into commercial ventures.

Yes, social entrepreneurship vehemently twangs my heart, producing sonorous sonnets, guiding my feet in a new, uncharted direction in step with the ensuing orchestra.

And yes, I’d like to translate my literary ideas into currencies. Will that make me an ‘authorpreneur?’ Perhaps. My first book is in the works.

I’m a ‘Gospel-ler’. The world is my parish. I worship Jesus the Christ. I’m His Man. No apologies. I’m a Merchant of Hope. I inspire defiant optimism. Yours truly is simple and affable. Freaky about football. I repeat: I’m not a polymath.

I love things that inspire: music, movies, speeches, biographies, autobiographies, interviews, designs, or forms of art. I’m lifelong learner, a seeker of knowledge, adventurous.  Perhaps not extremely adventurous like Ferdinand Magellan. I love to travel; I love to explore.

On Valentine’s Day in 2011, I had ‘surgery.’ When I left the ‘theater,’ I made an irrevocable decision to ‘die divested.’ To die empty. That decision governs everything I’d do. Thenceforth. Everything I’ll ever do. Or never do. For my remaining years on this timed divide of eternity.

I trained in the sciences at the undergraduate level. I had a postgraduate stint in the arts. And another in the social sciences. Science, arts, social science. Where’s next? You guesstimate. Or stick on to find out.

I’ve had the blissful privilege and inexplicable pleasure of taking a lifetime journey with a beautiful, loving woman – my wife Demi – who’s building ‘a bundled career’ in Law, Sociology, and Sport; currently on a PhD research. We are expectant parents to Marvel and Destiny.

I’m not a polymath. I say that again.

I’m a cool guy. Simple. Affable. Debonair.

I’m your new friend.

My name is Bryce.

And I’m very pleased to meet you!


9 Responses to About Me.

  1. Gboyega says:

    This is lovely Bro Bryce, beautiful! (..and you might find this a nice place to visit: http://www.etymonline.com Cheers!)

  2. browneyez says:

    Simply inspirational! God bless you !

  3. “I made an irrevocable decision to ‘die divested.’ To die empty. That decision governs everything I’d do. Thenceforth. Everything I’ll ever do. Or never do. For my remaining years on this timed divide of eternity.” –My ultimate goal…to live a life poured out.

    • bryceedem says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      ‘My ultimate goal…to live a life poured out.’
      That’s one of the most powerful statements I’ve heard.
      Grace, grace, to you!

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